The Wide Uses and Application of Male Chastity Cages!

There are times when men feel excited while wearing male chastity devices, whereas there are other times when it feels like they cannot live freely. It can be looked into either way. Male chastity is a metal cage where you lock your partner’s penis and it can only be opened by the person who is in possession of the keys of those metal cages.

Some partners do it because they feel that once their partners are not able to attain orgasm so their sex drive would increase. This can also improve their productivity in their work throughout the daytime. But as exciting as a male chastity cage sounds, it involves a lot of cautiousness on the part of the key holder of the male chastity cage.

The use of Male Chastity Cage

In case the person who’s wearing it faces any sort of discomfort, pain or soreness, then the cage has to be opened by the key holder immediately. If there is any delay on the part of the key holder, it would result in an injury. So the responsibility of the key holder of the metal here is huge.

It can be worn by bisexual, trans or any other man with diverse sexuality. There is no restriction on the male chastity cages in that sense. Firstly, a person who has worn it would require time to adjust to it initially and after that, they will become comfortable wearing male chastity cages.

Wearing a male chastity cage is like another level or extreme form when your partner is saying to wear certain shoes or wear a certain shirt and you are agreeing to it. But the male has to be careful regarding who is becoming the key holder. If the keys are not given to a trustable person, then the male might get into big trouble afterwards.

The metal cage also requires maintenance for your hygiene. It needs to be washed and lubricated every day to maintain hygiene. The metal cages came into existence in the early 1800s and got patented by a man, but who knew they would become so popular in western culture.

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