Top 6 Sex Essentials a Nightstand Guy Must Have

If you are the unbound, sex-positive and adventurous guy, you already know that there is more to great sex than the bedroom setting and lighting. Knowing the right things on your nightstand will make all the difference. So, if you want to make a difference in the night and make her happy, here are crucial things you should have. Some are vital to ensure you are safe too.

  • Quality Lube

We insist on high-quality lube and not the cheap brands on the streets. Buying quality brands saves the problem of sex complications. Plus, you achieve what you want. So, ensure you have a bottle or tube of water-based or silicone-based lube by your bed. However, don’t use silicone-based lube on sex toys. It causes corrosion and may result in yeast infections. We also advise going for scentless lubes.

  • Variety of Condoms

Yes, a condom comes in handy on your nightstand. Remember, women have different vaginas, and some might be allergic to latex. So, it is always important to have varieties. The best thing is that you can find high-quality condoms from prezervatyvai. Most importantly, you should buy authentic condoms to ensure you practice safe sex and don’t make yourself vulnerable to STIs. So, ensure you have a variety of condoms in your bedroom.

  • Finger Vibrator          

You can never go wrong on a nightstand with a finger vibrator. The woman may need a little stimulation to set her off to orgasm. The thing is, you don’t need to buy something big. Just buy a small vibrator. It will do the job. The vibrator is the best way to set her in the mood and have mind-blowing sex. It will also show that you thought of her, which is one way of making her feel good.

  • Wipes

Sex can sometimes get messy, and you shouldn’t use your towel to wipe things up. The best way to clean up the mess is an excellent way is using wipes. Wipes make cleaning the mess even more fun.

  • Toy Cleaner

If you like sex toys, leave them clean and disinfected. This is very critical, especially if you have sex with different partners. Don’t do it by boiling them in water. Instead, buy a sex toy cleaner to help remove bacteria. A UV light box can also be a good sex toy cleaner. Cleaning your sex toys is vital to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of STIs. Also, you should know that sex toys are made differently. So, follow instructions when cleaning them.

  • Massage Oil

Create an ultra-sensual atmosphere with quality massage oil. That moment of caressing makes all the difference, and you can make it better by buying a bottle of massage oil. You can buy it from a sex shop or make yours by infusing coconut oil with other essential oils.


These are essential items you cannot miss if you are a sex-adventurous guy. They help enhance the experience while making sure you are safe. So, ensure you have several of them if you want an ultra-sensual experience every time she comes over.

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